Catering Menu


Hot finger foods will arrive in foil pans delivered hot. Cold food will be artfully arranged and is served on high quality black acrylic platters, ready to eat. Each dish is designed to fit into a full menu for 8-10 guests

Avocado Hummus 35.00

corn relish + oranges +radishes + pumpkin seeds

served with lavash crackers + vegetables

Shrimp and Pork Rolls 40.00

Lavash roll + Shrimp + Pulled Pork + Basil Slaw + Garlic Aioli + Thai Chili

Crafty Meatballs 40.00

“Swedish” style sauce

 Wings 40.00

chicken wings or chicken tenders

tossed with stickey ale sauce or house buffalo

Skillet cornbread 22.00

maple pecan butter

Sandwiches and Wraps

All sandwiches and wraps will be served on high quality black acrylic platters. Each dish is designed to fit into a full menu for 8-10 guests

California Club Sandwiches 38.00

sliced turkey+prosciutto+Bacon+Colby-Jack Cheese+Tomato+Mixed Greens+Avocado+Basil Aioli

B.B.L.T. 35.00

pork belly + bacon + lettuce + roasted tomato + “the mayo” +sourdough bread

Angry Pig Slider 35.00

mojo braised pork + angry orchard BBQ + apple slaw + fried pickles + brioche bun

Melvin Sliders 40.00

house brine corned beef + swiss + stout cabbage + sweet potato tots + fried pickles + relish aioli + jalapeno cheddar bread

Meatloaf Sliders 38.00

tomato bacon jam + swiss + arugula + crispy onion + brioche

Red Rooster  40.00

blackened chicken+Swiss+Bacon+tomato+arugula+herb mayo + sesame brioche

 Avocado Hummus Wrap 40.00

chicken + oven roasted tomatoes + balsamic vinaigrette + spring mix + cucumber + tortilla


All salads are served in a high quality black acrylic bowl. If there is a protein on the salad it will be served on op and will be cold. Each portion is designed to fit into a full menu for 8-10 guests

Green Street Salad 35.00

Grapes+green apples+candied walnuts+craisins+bleu cheese+apple cider vinaigrette+romaine+spring mix

Figster Salad 45.00

Pecan crusted chicken+port marinated figs+Bartlett pears+candied pecans+bleu cheese+mixed greens+port fig vinaigrette

Yippie Hippie 42.00

Grilled chicken+romaine+spring mix+dried cherries+goat cheese+candied walnuts+celery+green apples+craft herb vinaigrette

Chopped Cob 40.00

Grilled chicken+romaine+bacon+avocado+roasted tomato+bleu cheese+half easy egg+green goddess dressing

Buffet Style Hot Food

Each of these dishes is perfect for approximately 8-10 guests as part of a full menu. These dishes are some of our tried-and-true favorites that hold up well when delivered hot.

Steak mac n cheese 45.00

Beef tips+cigar city maduro brown ale+bleu cheese+wild mushrooms+parmesan crust

 Crafty Pasta 40.00

slow roasted chicken+madeira cream sauce+parmesan+onions+roasted tomatoes+wild mushroom+arugula+cavatappi

Belgium Clucker 40.00

buttermilk fried chicken thighs + crispy waffle + maple BBQ + verde salsa

Not Your Mamas Meatloaf 40.00

Bourbon demi

Smoke kissed salmon 55.00

maple bourbon glaze


Craft street pasta salad 15.00

Potato salad 15.00

Bacon collard greens 15.00

Truffled green beans 15.00

Honey butter carrots  12.00

Brussel Sprouts 15.00

Mac n Cheese 12.00


Each of the desserts is perfect for approximately 8-10 guests.

Banana Bread Pudding 30.00

Cookie Tray 12.00

Pastry Chef Special 2.00 per person

*72 hour notice needed


* Delivered in elegant plastic trays (platters and bowls) or disposable aluminum pans (hot food)*

Additional Options

Wire chafing rack, water pan and two 6-hour fuel cans- $12each


  • $75 Minimum order
  • 7% Florida State Tax added to each order
  • Save time! Have us deliver your order to your home or office
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