creative food | crafty drink

Seriously Fun Food

  • Our menu is playful and fun.
  • Our passion for quality is serious.
  • We try to keep it local.
  • Our meat comes from animals that are raised humanely, without the use of hormones and antibiotics.
  • In searching for fresh, delicious produce, we focus on working with local, and sustainable farms, wherever possible.

Street Rules

  • Satisfaction guaranteed – just talk to us.
  • Feel free to talk to strangers.
  • Alert your server if you have any special dietary concerns.
  • We know you’re hungry so we keep the kitchen open late.
  • We serve food until everyone goes home.
  • Celebrate all you want, but we don’t sing happy birthday.
  • Remember you don’t have to go home, but you cant sleep here.
  • And finally… The customer is sometimes right…Ok always right!
Craft Street Kitchen